April Showers bring May TBD / Step-Up Progress: Semi-Consistent

The first time you catch your re-homed parrot dipping her head into her water and sending it flying all over the place is the time you should DEFINITELY give her a spray bath.

As usual, progress feels slow (or non-existent) with Ms. Vi, but as a parront to a rehome who barely was allowed to leave her cage, we have to keep our eyes on the prize!

IMG_20160625_161645394Progress Mini-Steps

  • Vi is getting stronger every day; she’s able to climb faster and more confidently as she works out her muscles day by day.
  • She is confident enough to frequently crawl down to our carpet; she’s an absolute pain while there (she thinks carpets are for chewing), but she trusts us enough to crawl down consistently!
  • She will now consistently let others stroke her head and responds pretty well to the attention of others. She still seems to prefer women, but it’s exciting!
  • She actually ENJOYED her shower (obviously) for the first time! No more forced baths! …Mostly.
  • Still haven’t been bitten–this is kind of a big deal!
  • She steps up when she feels like it; we’re still working not to push her.

We will see what July yields (especially since she may regress when we have to board her), but day by day, we grow a little big closer! 🙂

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