Kindling the Cockatiel’s Affections

Q-Tip: A Man After Someone Else’s Heart

Tippy spends most of his days trying to woo Winston, our English budgie. She is a strong, independent woman who needs no man, though, so his efforts fall flat (we were THRILLED when they were sitting side-by-side the other day). Hubby and I have been going back and forth over whether to get him a friend who wants the least bit to do with him, but the reality is, we have five birds. And though we love them, it still feels like a lot.

So, I’m endeavoring to win his affections; since she constantly rejects him, maybe he’ll open up to me with a little extra TLC?

The biggest issue with Tipton is that it can’t be forced; he has to want the attention, or it backfires.

I’ve started walking around with him on my shoulder in the morning when he’s so excited to not be alone after the evening he starts his little clicking affection noises. Murmuring sweet nothings; giving him kisses. I’ll do this until he starts getting into a snit and his happy clicks begin to turn into angry chitterings; initially, I’d have about thirty seconds before he realized he was betraying Winston, but a week of this later, he’ll coo at me for about five minutes before he realizes I’m not a bird.

We’ll see… can I win his heart?

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