A Parrot: The Forever Two-Year-Old

When you think about adopting a baby bird, consider this: You are raising a child monster with permanently-affixed pliers, and that child is gonna be a two-year-old for fifty to one hundred years, depending on the species. Every mistake you make in his or her formative years, every bad habit you instill, will be with you…

Allergies Don’t Disappear: Mild Toe-Tapping

Oh, the holidays–friendship, cheer, the season of giving… What more could a bird want than a bit of pizza crust? Unfortunately, Louie acquired a mild case of toe-tapping to go with it. 😦 This performance brought to you by pizza: I gave Louie a tiny bit of pizza crust (standard practice when we feel like spoiling…

Flock of ROCK!

I’m on the writing committee for a local charity, and this is one of the songs we might be using/rewriting for our musical. Tippy clearly likes it as much as I do. XD Click here to watch him rock out and ‘stick it to the man’!

Teaching a Bird NOT to Scream: Reality

Screaming is one way birds get attention (positive, negative, it doesn’t matter!) Now, I can’t definitively say whether or not this was the case for Miss Viola Waddlesworth at her former home, however, her friend Sam, the African Grey who went to a neighbor’s house, frequently shouts, “Shut up, Waddles!” …So yeah, we likely have a few years’…

Eclectus Mojo Moult: A Picture of Pinfeathers

2020 Edit: This is my most popular blog post, so I thought I’d write a follow-up with better pictures! If you’re looking for a variety of mojo moult pictures over the years, you are welcome to also check out these images of his various moults (hard ones and easy ones) from 2015-2020. Otherwise, keep reading…

Boxes + Female Parrots = Mistake

Last night, we allowed Ms. Vi to climb into a diet coke box. … She hasn’t stopped her hormonal quivering since. All parrots go through hormonal phases, especially in spring and summer given the extra daylight (which prompts a release of hormones) so that’s expected there. But dark, enclosed places that resemble nesting hollows apparently…

Achievement Unlocked: Consistent Step Ups

It is with a happy heart that I can now say this: Vi CONSISTENTLY steps up! I waited two weeks to make sure, but it’s official: she is cage-bound no more! We made our goal of July! A little late, but better than never! When she’s in her cage, it’s her terms; she’s made it…

About Our Flock

A nerdy birdy video introduction to our five fids.

This video answers the following questions:

“Do they talk?”

“Do they sing?”

“Do they dance?”

“What is a budgie?”

“Why not get a dog?”

Eat like a bird!

…Birds eat a ton, actually; the old idea that people who “eat like a bird” eat next to nothing is odd. And they fling it everywhere, but I will be omitting that portion. Today, I resolve to eat more like my birds–when I give them healthy snacks (carrots, raspberries, strawberries), I need to eat some,…